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West Fullerton Little League is holding their Annual Board of Directors nominations for the 2022-2023 year.   

An email was sent out to each of you as well as posted on our webpage at and social media  Facebook and Instagram accounts.  

WFLL was asking for parents to step up and step in to join the Board of Directors for West Fullerton Little League. Nominations happen annually for WFLL as a fiscal year for the league is from:  October 1, 2022 to September 30th, 2023.

Voting begins today September 1st 2022 and will end September 14th 2022 at midnight.


Please Vote "Yes" or "No" for each person. Your vote is anonymous! We need everyone's vote as all votes do count. 

Thank you!

please click on the link to submit your votes.



Black Out My Board Due 9/11/22

Black Out My Board Fundraising has started! ENDS 9/11/2022


Q.      Where to register?:

A.      WFLL.ORG (Please click on the link)


Q.      What ages is the training camp for?:

A.      League Age 4-10 (Please click on the link)


Q.      How much is the WFLL FTC?:

A.      $75.00 Registration fee (included practice shirt and hat) Registration also covers permits for the fields as well as field maintenance and equipment


Q.      When will the practice shirts and hats be provided to the players?:

A.      Shirts and hats where orders based on order of registration and can take about 2-3 weeks to arrive to the league. Looking at an estimated date of: September 3rd.


Q.      When does the WFLL FTC Start?:

A.      Starts Sunday August 14th, 2022 (5:00PM-7:00PM) Every Wednesday and Sunday.


Q.      Where is the WFLL FTC located?:

A.      Located at Nicolas Jr High School 1100 W, Olive Ave Fullerton Ca 92833. Back baseball Fields.


Q.      What colors are West Fullerton Little League?

A.      Royal Blue & Orange (with a splash of gray)


Q.      Will my child be with his own age group?

A.      Yes! Player will be separated into 3 age groups.

Group Ages 4-6 (T-Ball – Rookie) depending on skills levels 

Group Ages 7-9 ( Single A- Double A) depending on skills levels      

Group Ages 10 & UP (Triple A / Majors/ Juniors) depending on skills levels


Q.      What gear will be needed for your players?

A.        Baseball Pants, Baseball Cleats, Baseball Glove. (optional purchases) Baseball Helmet T-Ball or Baseball Bat, batting gloves) WFLL does have helmets and bats for players to use if needed.


Q.      Can parents help coach with the FTC:

A.      Yes! We encourage any parent who is willing to learn how to coach or want to be a coach for our spring season. Please let a Board Member know!! WFLL is a non-profit organization and run on volunteers.



Q.      Will there be fundraiser for FTC?

A.      Yes! Two small fundraiser will be held during the FTC


Q.      Why isn’t WFLL having a Fall Ball Season?

A.       WFLL Board Members decided to change things up a bit. Since having a lot of new players coming into the league, coming out of a global pandemic, most players have never played baseball before. As a league, WFLL decided to take a step back from the competition and really focus on our players and rebrand a new experience for our players as well as the parents and the coaches whom volunteer for our players. Fall Training Camp will focus on the basic language of little league and the fundamentals of hitting, throwing, in-fielding from ground balls to out fielding pop flies, base running, pitching, catching. Taking a step back from the competition will allow our players to be ready to come spring.


Q.      My child is only 6 years old and has never played before. Will players be pitching to him?

A.      Depends. T-Ball Division is batting off a T. Our Rookie Division is player pitch and coach pitch.


Q.      Are there any sibling discounts for Fall Training Camp.

A.      Unfortunately, because we are starting this new program at such a low price. We are unable to offer a sibling  discount


Q.      Is Fall Training Camp only for players whom reside in West Fullerton boundaries?

A.      No! Our Fall Training Camp is open to surrounding cities outside West Fullerton Boundaries. WFLL is a CO-ED league age 4-16 (Please note: WFLL Spring Season if for registered players whom reside with-in the WF residential boundaries, unless a waiver can be given from your home little league)


Q.      Who will be the main coaches for the Fall Training Camp

A.      Wednesday will be coaches who volunteer from the league. (all coaches who have coached before, who are wanting to coach in spring and are just simply unsure, we encourage you to come volunteer) Sundays we have a lineup of baseball coaches from High Schools and High School Players and College Coach and college players.


Click the link below to register


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Have you filled out the interest form to be a manager or coach with WFLL?

The more Managers & Coaches who step in and step up to volunteer, the more teams we can create for our kids

Please follow this link to sign up, Volunteer form  

Please email with any questions.  

Board Member Form

Ever think about being West Fullerton Board Member, please click on logo and fill out the form.


West Fullerton Little League desires to provide the best baseball experience for our players and their families. If you have any issue or concern regarding a Coach, Board Member, Umpire, Parent or Player, Please do not ignore the issue. See something, Say something and please bring it to our attention so that we can address it. Please use this link and fill out the form.

Registration Requirements: Residency and Documentation

Please follow this link for residency and documentation requirements for registration.

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Contact and Social Media

E-Mail: info@WFLL.ORG

West Anaheim little league is players

West Anaheim Little League players click here to see West Anaheims FB page.

New League Boundaries

Dear Families,

We we able to add some extra area this year, this neighborhood is in Anaheim. If you have any family or friends that live in this area, that would like to sign up please direct them to our website to sign up. 

New League Boundaries added

New League Boundaries